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Innovative private equity and venture capital investment manager. We have been investing in successful businesses building new internet technology continually since 2010. Our portfolio companies are present in over 15 countries worldwide, serving more than 50 million clients.
VC and PE Investment
We invest globally in tech companies at critical Series A stage and beyond. Active investors, we participate in the upside, yet greatly mitigate the downside by engaging with management. We share our considerable experience to grow companies and maximize their potential to expand globally.
We value talent and believe in human potential independently of origin, background, and other circumstances. Along with capital, we provide a broad range of professional expertise to our chosen companies to accelerate growth and consolidate their first-mover advantage. We are looking for great companies, not limiting ourselves to specific verticals, with current portfolio in the following industries:
Online Travel & Ticketing
Big Data
6 exits achieved during last 5 years:
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Global Mandate and Global Talent
We specialise in accelerating and optimizing the growth of a small number of rigorously screened, tech-based companies. Each has been identified as changing the rules in tech, providing new services that can potentially transform their markets.

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We back ambitious and high-achieving company founders from diverse backgrounds who are working to reinvent businesses and operational models across key business sectors.

We offer you a carefully tailored range of private equity and venture capital funds that invest in these companies. Each fund is positioned to capture the value generated during their key period of growth and expansion.

Our investment criteria are demanding, and vary according to the mandates of individual iTech Capital funds.
iTech Family
Our record of success shows we have developed winning strategies, along with the discipline and flexibility needed to implement them. We work hard to develop a positive ecosystem for our investors and our companies, exploiting opportunities for synergy.
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Our Awards
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Our team reviews thousands of projects each month in search of the best use of the funds entrusted to us by investors. We continue to share our expertise and publish market reviews that appear to be in our focus.
MAY 12, 2020
Our People and Expertise
Everything we do is based on our commitment to deep technological insight. We then apply the strictest standards of professionalism, transparency, and trust – while always preserving our creative spirit and reputation for fast thinking. We evolve: continually seeking new ways to explore and meet
the needs of our investors and company partners.

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