Welcome to iTechCapital, an innovative venture capital investment manager. We have been investing in successful businesses building new internet technology continually since 2010.
This period has seen both
rapid technological change and economic uncertainty; we have proven that we know how to nurture successful businesses during times of transition.
While doing so we have
established a reputation for trust, professionalism, and vision. We practise complete transparency and believe in full, positive, and proactive communication
with all our partners.
We invest in tech companies at critical Series A growth stage and beyond. In addition to funding, we share our considerable experience and expertise with our companies - helping them maximize their potential to expand globally.

Up to date, we have had 15+ holdings in companies with a total market cap in excess of US$ 2.7bn. Our companies give us a presence in over 15 countries worldwide, serving more than 20 million clients.
Along with capital, we provide a broad range of professional expertise to our chosen companies. We give them both the resources and the know-how to accelerate growth and to consolidate their first-mover advantage.
If you think your company would be
a fit for our investment portfolio, we are always interested to meet founders with big ideas and sound businesses. To begin the process, please give us some outline details.
We specialise in accelerating and optimizing the growth of a small number of rigorously screened, tech-based companies. Each has been identified as changing the rules in tech, providing new services that can potentially transform their markets.

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We back ambitious and high-achieving company founders from diverse backgrounds who are working to reinvent businesses and operational models across key business sectors.

We offer you a carefully tailored range of private equity and venture capital funds that invest in these companies. Each fund is positioned to capture the value generated during their key period of growth and expansion.

Our investment criteria are demanding, and vary according to the mandates of individual iTechCapital funds.
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Our record of success shows we have developed winning strategies, along with the discipline and flexibility needed to implement them. We also work hard to develop a positive ecosystem for our investors and our companies, exploiting opportunities for synergy.
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Everything we do is based on our commitment to deep technological insight. We then apply the strictest standards of professionalism, transparency, and trust – while always preserving our creative spirit and reputation for fast thinking. We evolve: continually seeking new ways to explore and meet
the needs of our investors and company partners.

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Amulex is one of the largest legal companies in Russia, providing legal services to corporate and private clients in various branches of law and economics, combining the latest achievements of IT technologies in LegalTech with comprehensive legal client-oriented consulting.

Founded: 2010
Industry: LegalTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund II
Year of the funding round: 2018
Funding amount: US$ 8M


Egor Kovalenko
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

«...For us what was highly important was the fund's delicate approach to our business, which had been successfully operating for 8 years before the start of cooperation with iTech Capital. Bringing iTech Capital on board we have got a significant professional value-added consultant in addition to a capital provider. We are confident that together we will be able to scale our company, which has already helped millions of Russians to solve their day-to-day legal problems...»
Aviasales is №3 in metasearch globally and the largest metasearch business in emerging markets. The company compares all flights deals that match customer's request and redirects him to the airlines' and travel agencies' sites to make a booking.

Founded: 2009
Industry: TravelTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2014
Funding amount: $US 10M


Max Kraynov

«...Aviasales has been in the same boat with iTech Capital for more than five years, and we are pleased with the level of support and mentoring that the Fund provides to us. During this time, the Aviasales management team has developed a trusting relationship with representatives of the Fund, and we have successfully managed to distribute roles in our business development. In our life, no year is like the previous one, so we are all growing together to meet the expectations of the market and shareholders...»
The Bitfury Group is the largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world. They develop and deliver cutting-edge software and hardware solutions necessary for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move assets across the blockchain.

Founded: 2011
Industry: FinTech; CryptoTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I; iTech Fund II
Year of the funding round: 2015; 2018
Funding amount: US$10M


Valery Vavilov
Founder and CEO

«...In any successful business, reputation and teamwork are important. At Bitfury, one of our objectives is to surround ourselves with good people who keep up with the times, share our vision and open doors to global economic opportunities. Our experience with iTech Capital to date has been positive. iTech Capital is a founder supportive fund, which is important for any growing company. This is especially true in a new industry like blockchain, as we are developing our company while the market itself evolves. The iTech Capital team looks far into the future and shares our views on building new technology that will change the world...»
Clickky is a platform for mobile advertisers and publishers which offers programmatic, performance and video solutions. Since the end of 2016 the company operates its own RTB Marketplace and SSP. Direct publishers can connect their inventory to Clickky's SSP through a self-serve interface.

Founded: 2010
Industry: MarTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2015
Funding amount: US$ 2M


Vadim Rogovskiy
CEO and Founder

«...We are happy to cooperate with iTech Capital since the very beginning; I believe it is one of the most active and professional VCs in Eastern Europe...»

Ecwid provides online selling solutions for small businesses in over 175 countries in 54 languages. It is a cloud-based SaaS digital e-commerce platform that allows anyone to create a professional embeddable online store and start selling.

Founded: 2009
Industry: E-commerce
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2014
Funding amount: US$ 4.4M

Ruslan Fazlyev
Founder and CEO

«...Gleb Davidyuk is a true gentleman of the investment business and he is the reason why we in Ecwid work with the fund. The best indicator of the pace in which the fund operates is that three weeks have passed from our first meeting to the closing of the deal...»
iConGroup is an online advertising group that incorporates seven marketing and advertising agencies.The company is one of the leaders in the independent online marketing industry in Russia.

Founded: 2002
Industry: AdTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2013
Funding amount: US$ 4M


Maria Chernitskaya
President of Icongroup, Vice-President of IAB Russia

"...We are with iTech Capital for more than five years. Through that, we have obtained the opportunity to communicate with other interesting projects in which the fund is investing. At general meetings we communicate, learn interesting digital insights and share experiences. This background helps us all grow. We are happy to participate in the annual conferences of iTech Capital, and this format of communication helps us to develop business and grow as entrepreneurs, to become even better, higher and stronger. It is very valuable..."
MFMSolutions help companies including banks, insurance companies, asset management companies and others to build omnichannel communication with their customers.14 years of solid messaging experience, 200 countries covered, 3 billion messages per month.

Founded: 2005
Industry: Big Data
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2014
Funding amount: US$ 5M


Pavel Sorokin

«...Gleb is a man of his word and business. He speaks on substance even if it is not very pleasant at times. In team work, the fund team behaves like a full-fledged participant in business, if something was needed, they were actively responding to the need. Gleb and his team are very adequate, thoughtful and high-performing people, literally a few are like them...»

Anton Shishkovsky

«...During our cooperation, the iTech Capital team has proven themselves as a reliable and very useful partner. The fund really gives portfolio companies so called „smart money" - they keep our freedom in making decisions, while helping with ideas, experience and useful contacts...»
PromoPult is an automated search engine marketing optimization company enabling SMBs and private individuals to build effective online marketing campaigns. One of the pioneers of SEO businesses in Russia and the dominant player in the field.

Founded: 2008
Industry: MarTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2012
Funding amount: US$ 16M


Alexey Shtarev

«...We are cooperating with the iTech Capital Fund since 2012.Together we passed the path from the SEO service to an automated advertising platform covering all areas of Internet marketing. Persistent advice to work in the international direction bore fruit - now the service is popular in Poland and Indonesia. In what Promopult has become now, must be admitted considerable merit of Gleb and the team - we appreciate the advice and competent approach to our partnership. We have big plans - and we are confident that we will achieve them, thanks to the strong support of the fund's team...»
RealWeb is a context and media advertising agency, one of the oldest and most skilled digital marketing agencies in Russia. The company uses it's own high-tech solutions (AdHands, Garpun) to manage customers' marketing campaigns.

Founded: 1998
Industry: AdTech, MarTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2013
Funding amount: US$ 3.6M


Maxim Vinogradov

«...Realweb and iTech Capital have established not just working relations, we see much more in our colleagues - real friends, loyal comrades. The advertising market is boiling up and changing before our eyes, but for many years now we have been growing at a faster pace and developing together. And this is just the beginning...»
Roistat is a SaaS end-to-end system for business analytics, as well as for attribution and optimization of marketing expenses for companies. The platform aggregates and compares data from the clients' CRM systems and media, which allows for the more accurate analysis of financial results for every sales channel.

Founded: 2014
Industry: MarTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund II
Year of the funding round: 2019
Funding amount: US$4 M


German Gavrilov

«...Over the past few years, we have built a successful business model in Russia and we continue to grow rapidly. Our target - improve marketing efficiency in companies around the world. Now we are at that stage of development when we feel the power and understand how important it is to enter the international market. iTech Capital seemed to us the most professional and experienced for the further development of the company competencies. The fund team shares our views and ambition for international expansion. We are glad that we are in the same boat...»
TradingView is a cutting-edge web-based financial platform for traders and investors to improve investing skills and maximize profits with more than 7 million traders worldwide.

Founded: 2010
Industry: FinTech
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2014
Funding amount: $4.4M US


Constantine Ivanov
CTO and Co-Founder

TicketlandMTS is a leading company in the Russian event ticketing market.

Industry: Online Ticketing
Our Fund: iTech Fund I
Year of the funding round: 2013
Funding amount: US$ 10M
EXIT: 2018


Vitaly Vinogradov
CEO TicketlandMTS

«...In 2012, we began work on the creation of a large ticket operator Ticketland joining efforts with iTech Capital. The Fund has been of great assistance in working with minority shareholders, in developing a strategy, implementing five M&A and building financial statements under IFRS standards. This work resulted in the sale of the company to the strategic investor MTS in 2018. The search for the buyer, negotiations and the whole transaction was carried out with an active participation of the Fund. It is important to note an outstanding technological expertise of the fund's employees and the manager. The human and friendly support of Gleb Davidyuk and his colleagues has been of great help to me many times. I am grateful for their experience and pleasure of cooperation with them...»