September 2019


It is no wonder that for the past few years software has become an essential part in an organization's technology stack. Custom-developed software tools do not only significantly facilitate and automate various internal processes but they also provide an organization with a sustainable competitive advantage. The rapid pace of innovation has made software developers switch from old, money and time consuming, "Waterfall" methods to more advanced DevOps methods. In this review, we have decided to dig into that niche and give you an overview of DevOps.
As technology continues to advance, so do the standards of building, testing and integrating software. For the past decade, the DevOps market has seen a steady growth with new players entering the market. Most industries (financial services, customer services, education, retail, entertainment, healthcare) and large organizations now derive a great deal of their competitive differentiation from software.
Among the most active investors are accelerators and large-cap vendors. Not much activity has been seen recently from private equity and venture capital funds.
A significant part of this review will be focused on the technical aspects of DevOps to give the reader an idea of how it all works from inside out. Of course, we will not limit ourselves to current market activity and will briefly cover the latest DevOps trends. Check out the full DevOps industry review below.
We hope that this material will help you get a better picture of the DevOps industry and the whole topic at large.

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