February 2018
Bitfury Launches New Software To Fight Bitcoin Crime
Bitfury has launched a software stack called Crystal that is designed to help fight crimes involving Bitcoin. Crystal will allow users to detect and examine criminal activity that takes place on the Bitcoin Blockchain and avoid interacting with coins that are associated with illegal transactions. Crystal’s free demo version is available for individuals starting Jan. 30, while a full version for corporate clients will begin shipping in March 2018. Crystal’s key tool is the so-called "detailed risk scoring" solution that is capable of tracing "suspicious" transactions to the final address or withdrawal point. It can also calculate the risk score of any address, which is estimated based on how closely that address is associated with known illegal activities. Other tools include autonomous monitoring of Bitcoin addresses, compilation and sharing of security reports and the REST Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow third-party platforms to build customized solutions on top of Crystal’s tools. Bitfury’s Crystal solution can potentially help in cases such as these by tracking the stolen bitcoins to their eventual point of withdrawal, whereby criminals can be caught red-handed.