January 2020

AIRR - one SAAS solution for all investment management needs

iTech Capital has launched AIRR — a platform for investment portfolio management and monitoring.
AIRR is a multi-level solution that helps synchronize the work of each participant in the investment process. Investors get online access to their portfolios with the ability to assess the investment value here and now (daily NAV). Analysts can use a convenient tool to find new companies through an automated project pipeline filtering system. Lawyers can conduct investor onboarding remotely, as well as store all the necessary project documentation. CFOs can easily monitor current financial condition of the portfolio: both from the level of holding structures, and at the level of each portfolio investment.

"Most of my colleagues share their professional experience in books, training courses, and consulting projects. We decided to approach this philosophical question in a slightly different way. We are launching a new product, which accumulates 25 years of my investment career in an applied and understandable form," says Gleb Davidyuk, Managing Partner at iTech Capital.

"iTech Capital invests in IT, so we can clearly see the huge gap that now exists between the 'world of programmers' and the 'world of finance'." - says Natallia Chykina, CFO and Partner at iTech Capital. "Modern IT products simply can't be standalone solutions anymore, they are always part of the ecosystem, while most products for financiers and back office are stuck somewhere in the last century.